Sporty and culinary conference breaks

At Groot Warnsborn perception is everything. By adding perception to your meeting you will make it a special experience that people will remember for a long time. We would like to make your stay on our estate even more special, more fun, more challenging, more sporty and innovative.


Meeting breaks, workshops and activities


Horse events with our partner “ Mansour Stables” Price on request.

  • Introduction lessons horseback riding, suitable for both beginning and advanced riders. Experienced instructors will guide you safely and securely on your first riding experience.
  • Daytime courses and driving workshops. Experience the fantastic feeling of sitting in the driving seat of a carriage. Under supervision and guidance of an instructor you will be able to independently control a horse in front of the carriage.
  • Carriage tours, for anyone who wants to make a nice cozy trip through the forest.
  • Daytime courses Equimanagement. A course in effective leadership with horses. Ask for the special brochure.

More information about Mansour Stables

Workshop: Cooking in Nature from € 50,- p.p.

What about a search for wild herbs and vegetable, make a fire, cook soup in a tripod over an open fire and bake bread? This is a great outdoor activity for groups that are looking for something really different.


Workshop: Food & Wine / Food & Beer from € 32,50 p.p.

In an informal and fun way you will be taken into the world of food and wine and the following questions will be answered: Why is it that we dislike some specific wines combined with certain foods? Why is my taste not the same as my neighbors? What do i taste and why do i taste it in that way? Why does one white wine combine to a dish and not the other?
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Workshop: How things should be from‚ € 450,- per group

What are the official rules when it comes to table manners? What are the specific rules in the field of etiquettes abroad? Butler Laurens gives you answers to these questions in a fun and interesting workshop.


Whiskey Walk from € 25,- p.p.

Ideally suited for anyone with his / her club, work, regular customers or friends that want to spend an instructive but most relaxing and enjoyable evening together. (directly in or at the hotel)


Curling from € 30,- per group (excl. instructor)

A game with a wooden ball that is won by the person (or group) that needs to make the least number of throws for the planned route.
This activity lasts for approximately 2 hours and it is possible to provide a cart with “refreshments”. (Direct from the hotel). There is a possibility to bring an instructor)


Cycling / Mountain biking from € 12,50 p.p.

Recreational or sporty cycling event on fixed or rough country roads.
We have organized some routes directly from the hotel and, of course, bikes available for you.
(Directly from the hotel)


Golf clinic or Pitch & Putt from € 12,- p.p.

Three golf courses in the immediate vicinity and a wonderful Pitch & Putt course on 3 km away offers you plenty of opportunities for putting, chipping, etc.


Horse whispering price on request

Can you manage these beautiful animals. Do you have sufficient leadership and aura to let the horses trot. Are you “captivating” or are you a “binding” person. These are topics that will be discussed at this unique event. Directly from the hotel. (


Other possibilities

In addition to these examples there are of course many other possibilities such as:

Painting, floral art, making jewelry, hat making, drum session

Visit Netherlands Open Air Museum, Kröller Müller museum, Burgers Zoo, Park Hoge Veluwe, etc.

Beauty & Sauna arrangement in association with Thermen Bussloo, facial gymnastics,

Archery, crossbow shooting, laser and clay pigeon shooting, fencing, Tai Chi

Ring stabbing (with Frisian horses and marathon wagons)

Classic Car Rally

City tour (along the cellars of Arnhem, Eusebius tower, “the Bridge”, etc)


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Fam. Douma

A beautiful large room with private terrace. We really enjoyed our stay and certainly come back!

- Fam. Douma, 28 October 2014

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