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When a loved one dies, many things have to be arranged in a short period of time. One of the habits is to condole with relatives, family members and friends to commemorate the loved one that passed away. It is always special to spend time in an intimate atmosphere with family and friends after the funeral.

The Hotel & amp; Restaurant and the Orangery are embedded in carefully laid out English terraced gardens and 750 hectares of forest. Located on the edge of the Veluwe and nearby funeral parlor Moskowa. The estate is well accessible and located near the major road entries.There is free parking at the hotel.

Estate Groot Warnsborn has various rooms, from 10 – 300 people The condolence reception can take place here in peace in a warm and personal atmosphere. We can serve you lunch, dinner or drinks.

A funeral service can be held at our Orangery in addition to a condolence reception. Our Orangery offers more atmosphere, space and flexibility than a funeral center. We gladly inform you about the possibilities.

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Really exited

Take the housekeeping, the reception, the staff, the kitchen and the couple de Vries. Everyone is very warm, competent and attuned. We had a party with 33 guests and everyone was very really exited!

- Fam. Niesert, 2 July 2015

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