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Like many other castles and manors in Gelderland, the history of Estate Hotel & Restaurant remains greatly unknown. The name Warnsborn is first mentioned in 1428 when it became the heathland of Duke Arnold of Guelders who leased it to Johan van Postel. Since 1465 the Estate was owned by Rykart van Bloylant.


The name ˜Warnsborn” is derived from the words “born” or “source” and “warn” which stands for purity. The name ˜Warnsborn” therefore means ˜clear or bright source” and is probably derived from the sources available on the estate.The name was already used in the 15th century for land that is also called the “Hoge Erf”. Adjacent to the northwest was the “Lage Erf”. The Hoge and Lage Erf became one in the 17th century and from then on together was called “Warnsborn” .

In 1894 the “Hoge Erf” was split again and the former “Lage Erf” remained under the name Warnsborn. The center of the property is formed by a house with several outbuildings (coach house, orangery and chapel) and a nearby icehouse.
In 1516 “Hoge Erf” belonged to a monastery called Mariendal. “Lage Erf” belonged to the St. Agnieten Convent in Arnhem. Around 1580 the property comes under management of the States of the Veluwe. After the Reformation in 1640, part of the goods that belonged to the former monastery were sold publicly.
The former mayor of Arnhem, Dr. Everhardt Everwijn became owner of Warnsborn. The family Everwijn was also the founder of the adjacent estate “Everwinsbergh”, later referred to as “Baakenbergh” and currently known as country estate “De Menthenberg”. The country estate was given its name by Dr. Wilhelm Menthen who owned the property from 1700 – 1737.
Warnsborn changed hands many times since. Many expanded the property, mainly to the northwest, where vast heaths invited to reclamation. The estate was 777 ha. and contained 2 houses: Groot Warnsborn and Klein Warnsborn, coach houses, gardener houses, farms etc.
The estate enjoyed it greatest prosperity under mr. W. Baron van Haserswoude, who built the attractive neoclassical mansion. He died in 1841, and again other families succeeded as owners.

From 1900

Until 1929 the estate was owned by Mr. Voute, who died that year. The family was forced to sell the former manor due to the stock market crash of that year. In 1929 Warnsborn was acquired by a real estate company called “Thorem” residing in Doorn. It was feared that N.V. Thorem would parcel out Warnsborn to become a villa area. The at that time recently established “Foundation Geldersch Landscape” therefore tried to buy the property, but the asking price was much too high.
The subsequent procedure led to one of the great victories in the history of the protection of nature, namely expropriation on behalf of the Foundation Geldersch Landscape.
In 1932 the mansion and coach house, orangery, flower garden and part of the park was leased to P. Molenaar. After a renovation Hotel Groot Warnsborn is opened. The hotel, which was used as a recreation resort for German soldiers during World War II, burnt down to the ground during a party.

From 1935 to 1958, the chapel was used as a residence by family Keppel Hesselink, then director of the Tourist Board Arnhem. After 1945 the beautiful medieval terraced garden with vegetable gardens, orangery and coach house were very neglected. In 1949 the grounds of the hotel were leased to GA Jonkers and Mrs B. M. Braakman-Jansen. With the aid of the Marshall Plan, a newly built hotel opened in 1950.

Starting 1958 a chapel is annexed to the hotel and becomes part of the hotel as well. On the ground floor a residence is constructed as well as a few hotel rooms on the first floor. Later, the chapel becomes a hotel annexe offering 14 extra rooms.
In 1969, the hotel is leased to Dhr. L.L. Naaykens.

In 1970 the hotel grounds were issued in ground lease to ENKA NV. The hotel was rebuilt on behalf of holding conferences and lodging for guests. By acquisition of ENKA, the hotel falls into the hands of AKZO in that same year. Hotel management is given to the Bilderberg Group in 1975. The Clingendael Group buys the hotel in 1978, only to resell it again one year later to Crest Hotels. Crest Hotels sells Hotel Restaurant Warnsborn to family J. Pot in 1980.
Lammert and Sjoukje de Vries join the services in 1989 and the entire operation is handed over to them on July 1st, 1991. Years of renovation, innovation and renewal are to follow.

On July 1, 1996 Lammert and Sjoukje de Vries purchase the entire estate and name it:

“Estate Hotel & amp; Restaurant Groot Warnsborn”

In 1999 the Coach house gets renovated into 15 unique rooms. The most important requirement was that the building would not lose its original appearance as a coach house. The modern design of the rooms with a floating staircase as their main theme may, at the very least, be called surprising. Since 2001 the chapel serves as a residence for the De Vries family.

The Orangery and its greenhouses and terraced gardens are completely restored and renovated in December 2001. Both the Orangery as well as the terrace gardens were neglected completely since 1939. In collaboration with “Geldersch Landschap” and with the help of the Postcode Loterij and the NUON, the orangery with its terraced gardens have been restated into their original state. The exploitation is now taken care of by the De Vries family.

Also the parking lot has been modified in a way that the cars are not directly visible.
The parking lot is partly created next to the Coach House and partly behind the Orangery.


Ever since 2006 Lammert en Sjoukje de Vries made plans to make the Estate even more beautiful and to give it an even more authentic look.
In collaboration with “Monk Architects” the outline of the plan started in 2006. The first idea was to renovate the rooms.
However, management has always been of the opinion that the vaulted cellar located under the terrace and the attic should be accessible to guests. One thing led to another. In the course of time plans drastically expanded.

Renovation began in January 2009 and was completed by mid-August in that same year.The Estate was expanded with 25 rooms (totally 40 now!) of which 2 are Warnsborn Suites on the top floor (attic). Restaurant La Belle Source is located at the front of the house and has an open kitchen, many intimate corners and a magnificent view of the forest and the driveway. The intimate lounge with fireplace and nice seating area is now located at the rear of the hotel and has a beautiful view of the backyard.

The authentic 18th century vaulted cellar has 4 rooms named: Wine, Tasting Room, Reynalda Cave and Cave Of Guelders. In addition, this vaulted cellar is extended to the rear of the hotel. An extra garden room “Pond Bergh” with french doors to the backyard is constructed. This creates a sublime meeting and dinner room with lots of natural light and a private terrace!

The Pearl of Gelderland is polished!

9,4Groot Warnsborn is reviewed with a

Fam. Schouten

Very kind staff, a beautiful environment and a lovely dinner. We’ll come back!

- fam. Schouten, 28 October 2014

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