Groot Warnsborn scores a 9.6!


The study showed that Estate Hotel Groot Warnsborn meets all quality standards that the Dutch Wedding Industry Organization proposes to the members of the Certified Wedding. Estate Hotel Groot Warnsborn scores a total of 96/100 on the test. To be awarded for and get the Quality Mark Certified Wedding, the company must achieve a minimum score of 75/100.

The reviewers were extremely positive about Landgoed Hotel Groot Warnsborn. The reviewers are very positive and would recommend it to anyone.

The Dutch Wedding Industry Organization (in Dutch; NTBO) is the information center for couples and suppliers in the wedding industry. The purpose of the NTBO is to promote development, quality and professionalism of the affiliated companies in the wedding industry.

We are extremely proud that we can carry this beautiful logo for the second year in a row, a guarantee of quality!



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9,4Groot Warnsborn is reviewed with a

Really exited

Take the housekeeping, the reception, the staff, the kitchen and the couple de Vries. Everyone is very warm, competent and attuned. We had a party with 33 guests and everyone was very really exited!

- Fam. Niesert, 2 July 2015

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