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Minimal 25m2 comfort
Extensive breakfast
Bridal Room - Groot Warnsborn

Bridal Room

The bridal room is filled with luxury. A double jacuzzi, kingsize bed and a big private terrace.

Suite - Groot Warnsborn


Unique, very spacious rooms of 55m2, with overhead shower and lounge. These loft suites have a beautiful view over the estate.

Junior Suite - Groot Warnsborn

Junior Suite

Rooms with approximately the size of 35m2. Every room has an unique element: a chesstable, bedstead, whiskey cabinet or unique French balcony with a beautiful view. Besides that, every room has a bath

Superior Room - Groot Warnsborn

Superior Room

Rooms provided with a beautiful view and equipped with an open sitting area, French balcony or terrace.

Luxury Room - Groot Warnsborn

Luxury Room

This room has a size of 30m2 and is more luxurious than the comfort room. The room features a partially open bathroom with a beautiful view of the sculpture garden or your private terrace.

Economy room - Groot Warnsborn

Economy room

A room with the size of approximately 25m2, with a quit and classic look. The bathroom features a shower, bath and toilet.