Warnsborns conscious choices!

Already since 1991, Groot Warnsborn has been active in sustainability. At present, the following items are on our priority list – the order is random

– Sustainable purchasing
– Energy consumption
– Waste
– Water
– Animal welfare
– Working conditions and employee satisfaction
– Labour participation
– Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship
– Community engagement
– Sponsorship of “good” projects
– Relationships with guests / customers and suppliers
– Health and safety
– Transparency


Conscious choices:

Organic, Fair Trade, Sustainable and regional. In this context, we have opted for certain products. We serve for example Peeze Max Havelaar coffee, local and regional dishes, Gulpener organically brewed beer, FSC- and recycled teak wood, recycling of kitchen heat, sustainable and/or farmed fish, our own Warnsborn Water, meat preferably organic and whenever possible from the immediate area, C2C floors and so forth. In the reception area you will find some of the products described, in a showcase.
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Environmental policy, safety, health and welfare

Estate Groot Warnsborn sees the environment – as well as concern for safety, health and welfare – as an integral part of the overall business, which is aimed at continuous performance improvement.The policy, as much as possible, is focused to avoid or limit environmental effects caused by business activities. Management of environmental harm is a primary responsibility of both management and every employee.

Concern for the environment will be a structural part of, and consistent with, the other business objectives. All employees are obliged to carry out their work in accordance with established procedures and the associated policy of the company and consider this also as a natural course of action.

We organize our operations in a way that they give high priority to reducing energy and water consumption as well as preventing and reducing pollution. We also set ourselves goals for environmental aspects, including the raw materials and services from third parties, in order to continuously improve our environmental performance.

Estate Groot Warnsborn also aims to contribute to the preservation of the flora and fauna on the property and the preservation of cultural heritage; this, in collaboration with Geldersch Landscape.

Revenues from our organization will benefit include the following charities:

  • Fill the Cup
  • Cooking for the homeless (Kiwanis Arnhem)
  • Puppet project children’s hospitals
  • Alpe d’Huzes
  • Projects with Aid Assistance Central Gelderland
  • Working with people with disabilities
  • Etc.

Finally, as a result of the policy, it is our company’s goal to minimize waste production and to reduce an adverse effect on the air, to the water and the soil as a result of performing the operations by means of an effective environmental care system.

Lammert & Sjoukje de Vries & employee’s Estate Groot Warnsborn

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Fam. Douma

A beautiful large room with private terrace. We really enjoyed our stay and certainly come back!

- Fam. Douma, 28 October 2014

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